The Start of Our Hobby Farm

Handmade sign made by Co-Owner and Designer Brenda Findley, “We all know this sign is relatble when entering an animal lovers home. Espsecially when you have three large dogs!” This is why the sign is currently hanging in the home of the Findley Feather Farm

For almost twenty years our family lived in a small village that had a population of about five-hundred people. So you might be wondering why we left a such small town for another small town that was only fifteen minutes South of where he had already lived? Well, there were a few reasons for this. Our main reason was the number of regulations we had to follow in our previous hometown. Another reason is that our property was separated by a large ditch that required an eighteen-foot bridge to cross over. Which caused several problems during flood season. This leads me to my last main reason for relocating which was our desire for more land.

When we started the search for a new home we analyzed exactly what it was that we wanted in the new property. Of course, our list had quite a few asks and some of which were capable of compromises. Our list went something like this:

  • Must be located outside of town
  • The house must have a basement or cellar
  • The property must consist of ten acres or more
  • There needs to be a pond on the property
  • Really, REALLY would like a garage or barn currently built on the land

In Southern Illinois, land on a budget that would meet all of these requirements would be difficult to find or may take a while before the exact match hit the market. This meant we would have to narrow down our list. Although our search for a new home took two years, we had found the perfect five acres to reside on.

In 2018, we had purchased a house on five acres. This house had a furnished basement and mudroom, a beautiful porch, and a lot of natural lighting. As soon as we move our belongings in we felt like we were at home already. The property, on the other hand, needed a lot of TLC before it was done to our liking. The yard had overgrown shrubs and the majority of the property was taken over by trees. Luckily the place had an insulated 70X24 ft pole barn previously built on it, which was a score!

With a little hard work and help from friends and family the property was cleaned quickly and we were able to have it set up the way we wanted.

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The Hobby Farm Begins

Thanks for joining us!

Our family has always had an interest in the agriculture industry, although it was not until we moved out to a more rural setting on five acres that allowed us to expand our farming interests. Since the Summer of 2018, our hobby farm has grown and expanded along the way. Stay tuned for farm advice from our past experiences to new farm adventures.